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Bereva is a Belimo Group company dedicated to the innovation of HVAC components. Our mission is to design, manufacture and sale actuated valve for refrigerating circuit.

Our DNA contains the know-how developed by the Belimo Group in over 40 years of being a world leader in the control valve and fluid distribution systems market.

Aware of the central role played by expansion valves in chillers, we have decided to focus all our expertise and our research on developing products with the best performance in terms of airtightness, precision and duration and capable of ensuring the safest control in the most critical stages of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Our mission is to produce the next generation of smart valves that improve the productivity, safety, energy consumption and duration of refrigerating systems.

By bringing together Swiss-grade fine mechanics and Italian-grade engineering innovation we have created Bereva xBALL, the line of intelligent valves that solve the most common issues found in refrigeration systems and accelerate their technological upgrading.